The Envirocycle Composteamaker

maxresdefaultPeople that have heard of the Envirocycle Composteamaker know what it is, but people that haven’t don’t really know anything about it, and that is why we have decided to tell you word or two. It is one of the best composters, and is made entirely out of recycled materials, which is great for the environment. It has a tank inside its base, and that is where the compost teat gets collected, which is something you don’t see that often. It is something new in the composter market, and if you don’t know that much about it, read up, because you’ll need it.

The Envirocycle composter is a composter that has a huge capacity for its small size, and its capacity of 35 gallons is one of the reasons why it is considered to be one of the best in the market. Also, it has an interlock design for the drum’s door, and it is thanks to that that the lid can be sealed perfectly. This is really important when it comes to the composters, because no odor can leave the product.

This composter has a great design, because it has several grooves, that allow it to be gripped what ever way you want to in order to move it. In addition to that, it should also be said that another great feature the Envirocycle composter has is a huge opening, which makes disposing rather easy. Drainage system is something that does not allow the water to enter the product while it’s making compost, which makes the produced compost better. Also, three vents allow for a better airflow to the system.

imagesThe process of composting with this composter takes as much as up to 6 weeks, and that makes it one of the fastest ones on the market. And that’s not the only reason why it’s good, because it also doesn’t weigh a lot, only 25 pounds.

Like all other composters, this one rotates as well, but here, the barrel always stays in place due to the product’s strong base and solid structure. Also, it is extremely easy to use, and there is no need for an assembly – you can start using it the moment you get it! This allows for a simpler process of composting, and the fact that you only have to turn the tumbler 3 times every three days only adds to that. So, it is simple to use, and simple to get!

Like most other composters, this one has gotten some complaints, and most of them have to do with the fact that it attracts various flies and insects. However, this is something that happens with almost every composter out there, and should not be thought as something unorthodox. Other problems people have with this product have to do with its small capacity, and the fact that it costs a lot. However, even with those cons on its side, this composter is still one of the best ones on the market, and having it will make your gardening work simpler and easier.

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